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‘Hard Law’ Needed to Safeguard Euro Cash

The International Mint Industry Association has published a position paper (2023/01) urging the European Commission to give legal certainty on the implications of the legal tender status of euro banknotes and coins in terms of mandatory acceptance and to enshrine it in secondary law.

Future of Cash - February 23, 2023 midnight

EU Further Reduces Proposed Cash Limits

As noted in the December issue of Cash & Payment News™, the European Union has announced a set of new directives to limit the amount of cash and crypto transactions in a move, it says, that will crack down on money laundering and terrorist financing.

Cash Usage - February 23, 2023 midnight

An ABC of Carbon Offsetting

There will be very few organisations that can eliminate carbon emissions completely, and most organisations are going to take a number of years to get anywhere close.

Free - January 31, 2023 midnight

Sweden Future Proofs Payments

Sveriges Riksbank has issued its 2022 Payments Report into the retail payments market. The report underlines the wide-ranging activities of the Riksbank to support the needs of all sectors of society when it comes to payment.

Country Profile - January 31, 2023 midnight

Payment News

At the beginning of September, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) revised cash withdrawal limits as part of its campaign to increase the use of electronic payments. Feedback on the limits has led it to update its original Circular.

News - January 31, 2023 midnight

Universal Access to Payments Required

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has created an open access database of data relating to retail payment for 95 countries from September 2019 to June 2022.

Cash Usage - January 31, 2023 midnight

KBBNS Teams with SONECT for Access to Cash

Koenig and Bauer Banknote Solutions (KBBNS) has signed a new partnership with the virtual ATM company SONECT as part of its strategy to help reinvent the way we move, access and manage cash in society.

Cash Management - January 31, 2023 midnight

Optical & Digital Document Security Hits the Phygital Nerve

Registration for the second Optical and Digital Document Security™ conference is now open, with a programme that demonstrates the importance of this event in bringing together people involved in developing digital systems for identity and financial transactions with the more traditional security document community.

Events - January 31, 2023 midnight

Increasing CBDC Monetary Policy Impact

An important CBDC topic is its impact on a central bank’s ability to implement monetary policy. A technical paper by the BIS examines the possible impact of paying interest on CBDCs, or enabling CBDCs to compete with other payment methods in terms of convenience.

CBDC - January 31, 2023 midnight

CBDC Round-Up

SICPA has entered into a strategic partnership with the INX Digital Company with the aim of helping governments develop innovative and sovereign Central Bank Digital Currency ecosystems.

CBDC - January 31, 2023 midnight

What is DeFi?

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has written a report which, amongst other things, considers the privacy implications of Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

Studies-Reports - January 31, 2023 midnight

News in Brief

The Fraunhofer Institute has been working on a project known as BASIC since January 2020, which aims to strengthen the resilience of the cash supply infrastructure in the event of an emergency or crisis.

News - January 31, 2023 midnight

European Round Up

Italy is looking at possible compensatory measures to help retailers pay card fees following its change of heart on reducing cash limits.

Country Profile - January 31, 2023 midnight

The Power of Cash

Two MBA students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology wanted to give a percentage of their income in cash to impoverished people. They had studied the impact of government schemes in Mexico and Brazil and the results led them to want to take the same approach.

Free - December 28, 2022 midnight