CBN Issues Cash Hub Consultation

The Central Bank of Nigeria is planning to introduce Bank Neutral Cash Hubs. It has issued a consultation paper en route to issuing final guidelines, and the draft proposals lay out the CBN’s vision and intentions.

Cash Management - June 8, 2022 12:02 a.m.

The Importance of Being Human

There is a belief that banking can become purely digital. During the pandemic cash usage fell and we couldn’t visit bank branches. Banks were quick to close ATMs and branches, justifying this as customer choice.

Editorial - June 8, 2022 12:02 a.m.

CBDC Round Up

At a BIS event, the Central Bank of Chile announced that it is delaying its planned digital roll out to undertake further work on the benefits and risks.

Digital CN - June 8, 2022 midnight

UK to Protect Access to Cash in Law

The announcement by the UK government that it will legislate in the Financial Services and Markets bill to protect cash by ensuring continued access to withdrawal and deposit facilities across the UK has led to a series of pieces in the UK’s media about cash.

Country Profile - June 8, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

A recent article by RBC demonstrated that in Canada the use of cash as a proportion of GDP decreased from 4.8% in 1961 to 2.9% in 1981. From then until about 2008/9 it held steady at about the 3% level. Since then it has risen steadily reaching 4.4% in 2021.

News - June 8, 2022 midnight

Expert Forum for Sustainability

A Cash and Payments Sustainability Forum™ will be held in Edinburgh in the UK on 15-16 November. More information about the event can be found at

Free - June 8, 2022 midnight

Banco de México Serious About Sustainability

At the High Security Printing Latin America™ conference in March, Linda Rodríguez Casarrubias, Manager of Process Re-engineering and Development, presented the work being done by the Banco de México on sustainability.

Sustainability - May 5, 2022 midnight

CBDC Roundup

The Electronic Currency and Secure Hardware Act (ECASH) has been introduced in the US Congress by Stephen Lynch, a Massachusetts Democrat and chair of the House Task Force on Financial Technology. The bill directs the US Treasury Department to conduct a pilot program for a version of digital dollars that work just like cash in that they would be stored on hardware, not in bank accounts.

CBDC - May 2, 2022 midnight

Payment News

Socash, the Singapore-based technology company with an app that connects consumers and merchants so that consumers can deposit, withdraw and make payments with cash at the point of sale in shops, has signed a definitive agreement to be bought by Nium.

News - May 2, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

The Retail Industry Leaders Association, which represents a range of US retailers, has written to the US Treasury Department asking for help to get the public to spend their accumulated coins. The retailers are facing a shortage of coins similar to early in the pandemic.

News - May 2, 2022 midnight

DNB Payment Strategy Published

The Dutch National Bank (DNB) has published its Payment Strategy 2022-2025. The strategy has three priorities; ensuring access to payments, maintaining a robust and reliable payment structure, and strengthening European and global payments, leveraging the Dutch experience.

Free - May 2, 2022 midnight

Carbon Offsetting – What, Where, How?

Carbon offsetting is a much talked about option but poorly understood. It may feel like ‘cheating’ or not delivering genuine benefits to reduce carbon emissions. This article looks at the why and how of carbon offsetting to answer these questions.

Sustainability - May 2, 2022 midnight

Denmark Retains a Love of Cash

The National Bank of Denmark has issued an analysis paper looking at the use of cash in society. Denmark has one of the lowest levels of cash usage in Europe with only Norway and Sweden with lower levels. While the pandemic has reduced cash usage, there are clear signs that Danes still value cash.

Country Profile - May 2, 2022 midnight

The EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) – Istanbul

In early June Currency Research will host its first in person Cash Cycle Seminar since COVID forced a postponement of the planned March 2020 event in Amsterdam. Taking place in Istanbul, the conference combines the previously separated Europe and MEA ICCOS events, with a focused agenda examining developments in the cash distribution and circulation sector.

Events - May 2, 2022 midnight

Creating a Roadmap to Net Zero

Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, and the UK have enacted legislation requiring that their countries have net zero carbon emissions by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement. Net zero is achieved when the amount of carbon dioxide we add to the environment is no more than the amount taken away.

Sustainability - April 28, 2022 12:01 a.m.

Resilient Cash in Canada

The Bank of Canada runs two ‘Cash Alternative Surveys’ in April and August each year of a representative sample of 2,500–3,500 Canadians. It combines this with data from its Bank Note Distribution System to monitor the use of cash.

Staff Papers - April 22, 2022 midnight

CBDCs in Emerging Market Economies

In preparation for a meeting of emerging market economy Deputy Governors organised by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the BIS surveyed 26 central banks and received papers relating to their CBDC work from 24 of them.

Digital CN - April 21, 2022 midnight

Inaugural Digital Currency Conference

The Digital Currency Conference (DCC) took place in person immediately after the Banknote & Currency Conference in February. The agenda raced through a wide range of topics, including quantum computing, achieving privacy with CBDCs, the Digital Dollar Project, and digital currencies.

Events - March 31, 2022 midnight

Is a Fully Circular Approach to Banknotes Possible?

At the Banknote & Currency Conference last month, Swiss substrate manufacturer Landqart revealed useful new research it has been carrying out on how to dispose of banknotes at the end of their life in an environmentally sound way.

Sustainability - March 31, 2022 midnight

Effective, Efficient, Sustainable and Resilient

In many countries the COVID-19 pandemic has seen cash in circulation reach record levels, yet, with diminished economic activity and a push towards ‘contactless’ payments, transactional cash use has continued to decline.

Cash Management - March 30, 2022 12:01 a.m.

Digital Currency Round-Up

The Deputy Governor of the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) has said it is on track to launch its CBDC in the first quarter of 2022, having completed the pilot in December 2021. At the moment, it is working to increase the number of commercial banks capable and ready to open accounts for CBDC users.

CBDC - March 30, 2022 midnight

Payment News

In 2020 consumers made 15.5 billion debit card payments in the UK. Mastercard has just said that over half of the world’s in person payments are now made using contactless technology.

Free - March 30, 2022 midnight

The Limitations of Sovereignty

Money has a public and a private role touch on financial obligations, authority and credit. But what happens when bank accounts, credit and debit cards and even cash are disrupted by war?

Cash Usage - March 30, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

In Denmark cash may only be used in 12% of transactions, but one in four person-to-person transactions are made in cash and one in three Danes hold cash at home as a reserve. How much people hold has also increased.

News - March 30, 2022 midnight

Impact of the Use of Cash on Demand for a Retail CBDC

A new IMF paper concludes that the main influence on the demand for cash, and why demand is falling, seems to lie in the demand preferences of changing population structures. If CBDCs are issued, the demand for cash may continue to fall, but the demand for card usage may fall by even more.

Digital CN - March 30, 2022 midnight

Payment News

In 2020 Apple bought Mobeewave, a start-up working to enable contactless payments using smart phones. Bloomberg has reported that Apple will allow small businesses to use iPhones to accept payments ‘in the coming months’.

News - March 4, 2022 midnight

The Truth Behind the Cashless Headlines

A recent post highlighted how misleading the constant stream of headlines about a cashless society is. Going cashless makes for wonderfully shocking, attention-grabbing headlines.

Cash Usage - March 4, 2022 midnight

Overview of China’s Progress with its e-CNY Pilot

China has been working hard to get its e-CNY ready in the run up to the Beijing winter Olympics with the aim of using the games to test its CBDC. The e-CNY could be used by visitors to China as well as the local population.

Digital CN - March 3, 2022 midnight

Access to Cash: a European Perspective

Cash Essentials recently ran the first in a series of ‘Cash Talks’ looking at access to cash with reports from AGE Platform Europe, the European Retail Payment Board (ERPB), the Dutch National Bank (DNB) and LINK.

Events - February 22, 2022 midnight

The UK’s Path to Digital Inclusion

A recent webinar organised by Enryo, an independent consultancy, invited four experts to consider digital inclusion. Speakers addressed how to overcome the very real problem of proving identity and what needs to be done to accelerate digital inclusion.

Future of Cash - February 22, 2022 midnight

Financial Inclusion and Access to Cash

In countries where less cash is already underway, there is an underlying assumption that it is only a matter of time before cash will reach a tipping point that makes digital payments a requirement. The unstated assumption is that cash will end, and that digital is the future. There is an urgency, therefore, to make digital payments work.

Free - February 22, 2022 midnight

CBDC Round-Up

The Beijing Winter Olympics has seen a third payment option be used at an Olympic Games for the first time since 1986 (when Visa got became the exclusive payment service provider alongside cash).

CBDC - February 22, 2022 midnight

The Truth Behind the Cashless Headlines

A recent post highlighted how misleading the constant stream of headlines about a cashless society is. Going cashless makes for wonderfully shocking, attention-grabbing headlines.

Cash Usage - February 22, 2022 midnight

Book Review: Shades of Sovereignty

For the first time in two centuries, since the establishment of central banks began, the definition of money is being reviewed. In that context Paul Wilson’s book – ‘Shades of Sovereignty: Money and the Making of the State’ – is a useful read.

Editorial - February 22, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

A new agreement has been signed between the UK’s Post Office and 30 banks and building societies to allow customers to continue to access basic banking services in post offices.

News - February 22, 2022 midnight

Payment News

In 2020 Apple bought Mobeewave, a start-up working to enable contactless payments using smart phones. Bloomberg has reported that Apple will allow small businesses to use iPhones to accept payments ‘in the coming months’.

News - February 22, 2022 midnight

Partial Data on Declining Cash Payments in Europe, a Ukrainian financial media organisation, posted cash usage rates for Europe in 2019 based on Statista data and then compared it with a smaller selection of countries in 2020 and then 2021.

Cash Usage - February 22, 2022 midnight

CBDC Conference 2022

The CBDC Conference will take place in Frankfurt 29-31 August 2022. Registration is open and there is a super saver 25% discount rate for those who register by 30 April –

Events - February 22, 2022 midnight

Digital and Print Interaction Papers at ODDS

The agenda of the Optical and Digital Document Security (ODDS) conference reflects increasing interest in getting cash to interact with smartphones and other devices. Four papers consider new approaches in this area.

Events - February 22, 2022 midnight

Taking the Mystery Out of AI in Cash Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs explanation if it is to be more than a buzz word. A recent article in the Asian Cash Management Association (ACMA) journal by Joep Van den Brink from PlanFocus Software threw some light on it in the context of cash management.

Cash Management - February 10, 2022 midnight

Japan’s Paradox of Banknotes

While cash transactions in Japan have been declining for some time, albeit from a high base, the reduction in opportunities to pay in cash and the increased use of ‘stay at home consumption’ during the pandemic has accelerated this decline. At the same time the ratio of banknotes to GDP has risen very significantly.

Country Profile - February 10, 2022 midnight

A Focus on Stablecoins Today and Their Future Potential

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has published a paper on the growth potential and impact on banking of stablecoins. The paper explores what stablecoins are, their risks and their possible uses, including a look at the future.

Digital CN - February 9, 2022 midnight

Lord’s Sceptical about CBDCs

The UK’s second parliamentary chamber, the House of Lords, has reviewed the work of the Bank of England and Her Majesty’s Treasury Taskforce that is working on the potential for introducing a retail Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the UK.

Digital CN - February 4, 2022 midnight

Full Steam Ahead for Banknote & Currency Conference in February

The Banknote & Currency Conference will take place, in person, on 21-24 February in Washington DC. Four weeks prior to the event, overall attendance matches the same stage prior to the 2019 Currency Conference, with particularly strong numbers of central banks and printworks.

Events - January 28, 2022 midnight

Lessons Learnt Managing a Declining ATM Estate

As the number of ATMs and use declines, authorities face challenges relating to competition policy and appropriate regulations. The Bank of Finland is no exception and has written about their experience and the extensive academic work done on this topic.

ATMs - January 28, 2022 midnight


The Banque de France, the Swiss National Bank and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub have completed a cross-border wholesale CBDC experiment. Known as Project Jura, the experiment used tokenised assets on a distributed ledger (DLT) platform to settle cross-border transactions.

CBDC - January 28, 2022 midnight

Payment News

Amazon has decided to continue to accept Visa credit cards in the UK, reversing its decision to stop on 19 January. The reason for the change of heart is not clear but it is assumed that Amazon will have negotiated price concessions from Visa.

News - January 28, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

Fear of COVID-19 transmission by banknotes remains in Taiwan despite the worldwide research that demonstrates the risks are extremely small, no more than touching any other object in a public space.

News - January 28, 2022 midnight

Can CBDCs Increase Financial Inclusion?

Peterson Ozili has written a paper looking at the possible benefits of bringing the unbanked into the formal financial sector. In addition to listing the arguments for and against, he also includes a literature search outlining their key conclusions.

Digital CN - January 13, 2022 midnight

Bank of Canada Staff Working Paper 2021-65: 'Predicting the Demand for Central Bank Digital Currency: A Structural Analysis with Survey Data'

With 14% of central banks at the pilot stage of exploring a possible future Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), this paper seeks to address three related questions; What would be the demand for a CBDC?, How would different design attributes affect demand?, and To what extent would a CBDC impact the demand for cash and deposits?

Digital CN - January 6, 2022 midnight