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Sustainability and Cash Services – Bantas, A Case in Point

BANTAS is a joint subsidiary of three commercial banks, and the leading cash services provider in Turkey. It has about 1,800 employees, 46 cash centres with 490 armoured vehicles across the country. It is the sole provider in Northern Cyprus.

News in Brief

It appears that Vermont is the latest US state to consider introducing leg…

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rCBDC Lessons from the Caribbean

Franklin Noll of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has written a payment systems research briefing note…

The New Cash Paradox

The end of the ‘cash era’, announced by The Economist 15 years ago, has no…

Payment News

Payment technology has had a bad time in the UK recently. Four major firms…

Editors Choice

Options for Expanding an ATM Network

This is an abridged version of an NCR Atleos article written about ATM network options that financial institutions (FIs) have if they don’t have the reach of the largest institutions. It explores the pros and cons of either joining a shared network or signing up with an independent ATM network.

  • CBDC Privacy and the Merchant

    Defining the right privacy level for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a critical decision when designing a CBDC. The Bank of Canada has published a Staff Working Paper that focuses on the ne…

  • Digital Payments Need Discipline

    The rise of cashless payments has raised the concern that some consumers will be induced to spend beyond their means. As monthly income is spent over the course of a month, if consumers are aware of …

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