The Road to Bank Branch Transformation

Commercial banks are at the heart of the cash cycle and their branches have been their key customer touchpoint. If you read the news section on bank branches, you might think they are to become a side show for commercial banks. RBR held an online conference on branch transformation at the end of November. The move by customers online, using apps and telephone banking is accelerating a trend to slim down branch networks, and so this event was a useful insight into the future branch.

Coin, Coin Everywhere and not a Cent to Spend

At the ICCOS Americas online conference there was, unusually, a coin pan...
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UK Public Accounts Committee Demands Answers

The UK Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) reported on the production and distribution of cash at ...

DMI – the Future of Payments

OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute recently published a report on the Fu...

2020 Vision: News in Brief

Did much happen this year? A moment to reflect.

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The Cash ‘Paradox’

In its latest Quarterly Bulletin, the Bank of England published an article ‘Cash in the time of COVID’. The article seeks to explain what it referred to as the cash ‘paradox’, that cash in circulation is up while cash transaction volumes are down, which has been brought into sharp relief during the pandemic.
  • Payments in Brief

    Wholesale Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are a less talked about element of the CBDC conversation, perceived as more operational than revolutionary. However, the Bank for International Sett...
  • Bank Branch News

    On 15 December a new approach to branch banking started in the UK. OneBanks has partnered with the Co-op retailer to open a fully staffed kiosk in the shop. Although opening in December, it only go...

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