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Overview of Cash in the UK

There have been a series of press reports about cash over the last few weeks. Put them together and a story emerges of what a society going cashless looks like.


The Qatar Central Bank (QCB) is to enter a developmental phase for a CBDC …

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Titanic Struggle Over Consumer Protection and Mar…

It appears that payment stakeholders in the US and UK are seeking to pass laws and take legal action to addre…

News in Brief

The 2024 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice in the US found payment transact…

Cash: Ensuring a Just, Inclusive and Secure Digital Transition

The third DENARIA Conference took place in Madrid on 24 April, hosted by t…

Editors Choice

Fed Dives into Data on Demand for US Banknotes Post-COVID

In March, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System published an International Finance Discussion Paper on the demand for US banknotes at home and abroad , an important question given that the US dollar is used as a medium of exchange and store of value outside its own borders far more than any other currency.

  • Cross-Border Payments with a Retail CBDC

    The latest Bank for International Settlements report shows research into wholesale CBDC overtaking that of retail CBDCs. Although the BIS does not speculate why this is so, the benefits of a wholesal…

  • Cash Visibility and Collaboration

    The International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) is 20 years old this year. At the Banknote Conference in Fort Worth, Texas last month it held a session on ‘Cash Visibility and Collaboration’…

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