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August 2022

  • Ensuring Payment Choice in the Euro Area
  • Payment Card Use Increases in the US
  • Thinking CashTech for the Future of Cash
  • Lumenco Follows the Sun
  • The Vision Behind Ghana’s e-Cedi
  • Finnish Mint Moves Forward on Sustainability
  • News in Brief
  • Owner of G4S Publishes First ESG Report
  • Payment News
  • Turkey: The Role of Financial Literacy as a Driver of Cash Demand
  • CBDC Round-Up
  • Upcoming Events

July 2022

  • New Report on The Importance of Cash in a Crisis
  • ESG: In Need of a Clean Up
  • Understanding Changes to Access to Cash in Canada
  • News in Brief
  • Lessons from Incentives Encouraging Digital Payments
  • Why Cash Automation Makes Sense
  • Payment News
  • Stablecoins – the Future of Money?
  • CBDC Updates
  • Conference Updates
  • What is Important in Cash Management?
  • Upcoming Events

June 2022

  • Access to Cash in France Good (for Now)
  • Achieving Financial Inclusion in Brazil
  • Any Link Between Cash Holdings and Bitcoin Ownership?
  • Bank of England Making Progress on its Environmental Targets
  • News in Brief
  • Will Less Cash Lead to Debt?
  • What Does the Future Hold for Payments?
  • Lack of Good Quality ESG Data a Challenge
  • Smart Contracts – What Does the Law Say?
  • Payment News
  • MDC Forum – Cash in Uncertain Times
  • CBDC Round-Up
  • Working Together to Save the Plant
  • The CashTech Innovation Awards
  • CBDC Conference Agenda Announced
  • Asia Cash Cycle Seminar Returns to Philippines
  • Upcoming Events

May 2022

  • UK to Protect Access to Cash in Law
  • US Payment Diary Findings 2022
  • The Importance of Being Human
  • Expert Forum for Sustainability
  • Cloud Money – Cash, Cards, Crypto and the War for our Wallets
  • CBN Issues Cash Hub Consultation
  • News in Brief
  • Payment News
  • A Different Approach to CIC Forecasting
  • What Drives Cash Usage in Turkey?
  • Sustainability
  • CBDC Round Up
  • Upcoming Events

April 2022

  • Denmark Retains a Love of Cash
  • DNB Payment Strategy Published
  • Carbon Offsetting – What, Where, How?
  • Banco de México Serious About Sustainability
  • Resilient Cash in Canada
  • News in Brief
  • CBDC Roundup
  • Payment News
  • CBDCs in Emerging Market Economies
  • Speakers Announced for the CBDC Conference 2022
  • The EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) – Istanbul
  • Upcoming Events

March 2022

  • Impact of the Use of Cash on Demand for a Retail CBDC
  • Inaugural Digital Currency Conference
  • News in Brief
  • Creating a Roadmap to Net Zero
  • Is a Fully Circular Approach to Banknotes Possible?
  • Effective, Efficient, Sustainable and Resilient
  • Digital Currency Round-Up
  • Payment News
  • The Limitations of Sovereignty
  • Upcoming Events

February 2022

  • The Truth Behind the Cashless Headlines
  • Survey of Swiss Companies on Payment Methods
  • Financial Inclusion and Access to Cash
  • Access to Cash: a European Perspective
  • Book Review: Shades of Sovereignty
  • News in Brief
  • A Focus on Stablecoins Today and Their Future Potential
  • The UK’s Path to Digital Inclusion
  • Payment News
  • CBDC Round-Up
  • Partial Data on Declining Cash Payments in Europe
  • CBDC Conference 2022
  • Digital and Print Interaction Papers at ODDS
  • Upcoming Events

January 2022

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CMNQ January 2022

Coin & Mint News Quarterly - January 2022

December 2021

  • ERPB Report on Access and Acceptance of Cash in the Euro Area
  • UK Moves to Sustain Cash
  • Belgium Payments: Are Contactless Payments Leading to a Less Cash Tipping Point?
  • 2021: A Year in Review
  • Cryptocurrency Induced Systemic Risk
  • The Need for a New Cash Calculation
  • News in Brief
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Restricting Cash Usage
  • Six Payment Megatrends Identified in South Africa
  • Post Offices and the Unbanked in the US
  • Payment News
  • CBDC News
  • RBA Governor Lays Out the Future of Payments in Australia
  • Further Reading

November 2021

  • Reducing Cash Impact on Climate Change
  • Cash Usage and the Underground Economy
  • The Role of Cash in a Digital World
  • Trust in Money, Digital or Physical
  • The Transformation in the Use of Cash and Digital Payments during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Payment News
  • Cash & Payment Trends from Turkish Perspective
  • News in Brief
  • CBDC Round-up
  • Impact of India’s Demonetisation on Output, Welfare and the Shadow Economy
  • Further Reading
  • Focus on Data

October 2021

  • ‘Cash: a Roadmap to Sustainability’
  • The Future of Cash – A View from the Philadelphia Fed
  • CBDCs and Privacy
  • Risk from Cryptocurrencies Increases
  • News in Brief
  • Cash and Payments During the Pandemic
  • Cash and COVID-19: The Impact of the Second Wave in Canada
  • Payment News
  • Round-Up of CBDC News
  • Further Reading
  • Survival Analysis of Bank Note Circulation: Fitness, Network Structure and Machine Learning
  • The Rise of QR Codes
  • More Payment Vulnerability Than You Might Think
  • Where to Start Faced with Populist Journalism
  • Upcoming Events

September 2021

  • Cashless v Cash: the Hidden Costs to Consumers and Society
  • El Salvador and Bitcoin: Legal or Compulsory Tender?
  • Going Contactless
  • News in Brief
  • Financial Inclusion – Harder Than it Looks
  • Payment News
  • BIS on CBDCs and the Need for Change
  • BSP wins IACA Award for Cash Supply Innovation
  • Round-Up of CBDC News
  • A Call for Digital Standards
  • Digital Currency News News about CBDCs
  • Further Reading
  • The Future of Cash – from the Asia Pacific Perspective
  • Central Bank Payments 2021 Conference Moves Online
  • COP26: Where Does the Cash Industry Stand?
  • Where Cash and Digital Technology Meet

August 2021

  • Overview of the Carbon Footprint of Cash in the UK
  • ESTA Reports on Own Vision for Cash
  • The Power of the Assumptive Close
  • News in Brief
  • Changing Cash in Circulation in Italy
  • Country Profile: Rwanda
  • Payment News
  • Digital Payments and the Last Mile to the Unbanked
  • Round-Up of CBDC News
  • CBDC Conferences Gather Momentum
  • Financial Education – Teaching the Value of Money

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CMNQ August 2021

Coin & Mint News Quarterly - August 2021

July 2021

  • DNB Reports on the Future of Cash Infrastructure
  • Cash Survey Results in Switzerland and the US
  • 12 Months an Editor - the Only Certainty is Change 
  • Financial Crime is Not Victimless
  • A Better Way to Measure Cash
  • News in Brief
  • Modelling Future Cash Transaction Volumes 
  • Payment News
  • The Complexities of Financial Inclusion
  • Further Reading
  • Round-Up of CBDC News
  • ‘Cash in Times of Turmoil’
  • Call for Papers for New Technical ‘Super’ Event

June 2021

  • What Drives Consumer Payment Behaviour?
  • Cash and COP26
  • MAS Issues its First Sustainability Report
  • Dutch Remain Positive about Cash
  • Challenges of Electronic Payments
  • News in Brief
  • How to ‘Green’ the Cash Cycle
  • Payments News
  • Further Reading
  • SNB Favours a TokenBased CBDC Design
  • BoE and the BIS Launch the London Innovation Hub
  • Round-Up of CBDC News
  • Currency Research Article
  • Threat to Payments from Chip Shortage
  • Proof-of-Work v ProofofStake

May 2021

  • Access to Cash Pilots Pick Up Speed in the UK
  • Snapshot of Asia in 2021
  • News in Brief
  • A Focus on Coins in the Cash Cycle
  • Germany Faces Higher Card Fees
  • Cash in the USA – an Update
  • The Challenge of Achieving CBDC Objectives
  • Latest Work on CBDCs
  • Less Technology Debate, Less Cost Focus, Better Cash Handling
  • Payment News
  • What is Programmable Money?
  • Future of Cash – Continuing the Conversation
  • CBDC Conference Update
  • Changes to CPN, and New Online Platform
  • The Importance of Trust

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CMNQ April 2021

Coin & Mint News Quarterly - April 2021

April 2021

  • Cash in the Pandemic: European Round Up
  • UK CBDC Taskforce Established
  • Once Hailed as Unhackable, Blockchains are Now Being Hacked
  • News in Brief
  • Cash Usage in Southern Europe: a Time of Change?
  • Impact of the Pandemic on Cash in Italy
  • Cash in the UK 2020 – Survey Results
  • DNB Becomes Net Issuer of Banknotes
  • Branch 'Deserts' a Myth in the US
  • Riksbank Reports on E-krona Pilot Phase 1
  • 2020, Less ATM Crime
  • Central Bank Digital Currency Round-Up
  • Payment News
  • Cash & Payment News Advisory Panel
  • Digital Financial Inclusion

March 2021

  • Cash Increases Risk for Central Banks
  • Payments Leadership Council
  • Retailers as Bankers
  • How did Americans Spend During the Pandemic?
  • News in Brief
  • Diebold Nixdorf Positions Itself for the Future
  • Latest ATM Report Shows High Levels of Innovation
  • Top Payment Trends in Turkey in 2021
  • Improving the Efficiency of the Handling of Cash
  • What Happens When COVID Restrictions Lift? Canada’s Story
  • The Flight to Cash in a Crisis
  • Wales Launches Complementary Currency to Boost COVID-Affected Economy
  • New Project Announcements
  • Payment News

ECJ Supplement

  1. Euro Banknotes and the Power of Legal Tender
    • The Background – Cash and the Future of Euro Banknotes at Hearing at the European Court of Justice
    • What is Legal Tender?
    • Cash As Part Of Monetary Policy
    • The Cost of Cash
    • Future of Cash
  2. The Advocate General’s Opinion – Bundesbank Act Challenged and an Absolute Right to Payment
    • German National Law’s Definition of Banknotes
    • EU Law Does Not Provide for an Absolute Right to Payment in Cash
    • Legal Tender: CBDC And Electronic Payments
    • The Only Direct Link
    • The Future of the Case

February 2021

  • Cash – the 'Anchor of Stability' Which Needs Safeguarding
  • Cardtronics Accepts NCR’s Offer
  • CashTech News Round-Up
  • CashTech: Taking Cash Forward
  • News in Brief
  • Pandemic Payment Patterns in the Netherlands
  • New Initiative to Ensure Universal Access to Payments
  • A Changing Payment Landscape in Hong Kong?
  • UK Cash Under Pressure
  • 'Ready, Steady, Go'? Results of the 3rd BIS Survey on CBDC
  • Legal Status Needed for CBDCs
  • CBDC Risks Becoming a Gigantic Flop
  • CBDC Security and Convenience: a Major Challenge
  • Measuring and Understanding Foreign Demand for Euro Banknotes
  • Dirty Money and the Demand for Cash
  • Lack of Payment Competition Raises Costs
  • Federal Reserve Survey Reflects Changing Cash Usage
  • Future of Cash – Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Opportunities
  • CBDC Conference Speakers and Plans in Place
  • Change Needed For India’s ATMs

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January 2021

  • NatWest Brings Together the UK Cash Industry
  • Euro Vision (But not the Song Contest)
  • Italy Moving Towards Digital Payments
  • News in Brief
  • The Practicalities of Partnership
  • Contactless Payments Have Little Impact on Cash Usage
  • DNB Quick Guide to CBDCs
  • Sweden Considers the Future
  • Call for Higher Contactless Payment Limits
  • Payment News
  • ‘A Digital Euro is Due, if not Overdue’
  • Protecting ATMs
  • CPN is Going Online… and Weekly!
  • Cash Essentials Launches Cash Glossary
  • Further Reading
  • Without Cash, Can There be Safe Payments?

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