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Starting the Debate on a Digital Euro

The European Central Bank has started to make the case for a digital euro. The central bank's Programme Director Digital Euro recently noted that a digital euro, while complementing cash, would strengthen Europe’s strategic sovereignty by reducing dependence on non-European payment providers and offer another form of trusted and secure transactions for people in Europe.

Digital CN - March 26, 2024 12:01 a.m.

New Cash Recycling and Recirculation White Paper and Workshop

The first afternoon of the second Cash Sustainability Forum (CSF), which takes place in Frankfurt from 24-26 June this year, will be a workshop dedicated to the recycling and recirculation of cash. It will build on a white paper currently being researched and prepared, and for which input is still very welcome.

Events - March 26, 2024 midnight

What Does Introducing CBDCs Imply for the Stability of Central Banks?

The ability of private citizens to execute electronic transactions using a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), central bank money, introduces new monetary stability challenges. A paper by Harald Uhlig from the University of Chicago considers this. The paper is highly theoretical but raises the sort of questions central banks have to get right in their planning for a CBDC.

CBDC - March 26, 2024 midnight

Payment News

The second payment methods survey of companies in Switzerland took place in Spring 2023, with 1,750 companies taking part.

News - March 26, 2024 midnight

News in Brief

The Federal Reserve has published its 2023 findings on consumer payment behaviour. Confusingly, this is based on the 2022 survey.

News - March 26, 2024 midnight


The Dutch National Bank (DNB) has published a working paper detailing research on a transition from an economy without a CBDC to one with it.

CBDC - March 26, 2024 midnight

Cash Is More Than a Public Good

A new CashEssentials paper addresses the questions ‘Is cash a public good?’ and ‘Is it a basic right?’ with the aim of clarifying the debate and advancing policy recommendations.

Free - March 26, 2024 midnight

Click to Pay in Czech Republic

In a push to advance cashless transactions, four Czech banks are rolling out a novel solution that lets merchants skip traditional terminals while eliminating the need for customers to pay in cash.

Mobile Payments - February 25, 2024 12:01 a.m.

Calculating Cash Use in Australia

The Reserve Bank of Australia has published an article in its Bulletin about cash usage. The article starts by explaining that transactional demand is hard to calculate and then goes on to use four different methods to establish a range of estimates.

Cash Usage - February 25, 2024 12:01 a.m.

Designing for Financial Inclusion

A Bank of Canada staff paper gives useful insight into financial exclusion. It does this in the context of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), but the findings have broad relevance to payments generally.

Studies-Reports - February 20, 2024 midnight

Financial Inclusion or Payment Inclusion?

Dr Franklin Noll, a payments specialist who works as a Lead at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, has posted in LinkedIn an interesting piece on financial / payment inclusion. He has expressed his own opinions, not those of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Mobile Payments - February 20, 2024 midnight

News in Brief

The European Union has developed plans to reduce money laundering. This includes a limit on cash payments of €10,000 (versus €3,000 as previously proposed).

News - February 20, 2024 midnight

Payment News

A new version of the famous Monopoly board game has been created, ‘Monopoly Voice Banking’, that has replaced paper cash with a voice-activated banker.

News - February 20, 2024 midnight

CBDC Round-Up

A technical article by Manuel Muñoz and Oscar Soons, unusually, considers the role of CBDCs as a store of value instrument for consumers.

CBDC - February 20, 2024 midnight