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Owner of G4S Publishes First ESG Report

Allied Universal is a security and facility services company. It has just published its 2021 Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) report, its first ever. This lays out its strategy, targets and progress across all ESG areas.

Sustainability - August 30, 2022 12:01 a.m.

News in Brief

In Australia, Armaguard Group has reached agreement to merge Prosegur Australia into their business. The merger will include cash in transit, technical services and ATM networks within Australia.

News - August 30, 2022 12:01 a.m.

Ensuring Payment Choice in the Euro Area

The European Central Bank (ECB) has published an article discussing access to cash in the euro area. It examines the challenges of distance, capacity and public perception and different approaches to modelling them.

Central Banks - August 30, 2022 midnight

Thinking CashTech for the Future of Cash

CashTech gathers companies which leverage software and communications technology to provide improved cash services as well as to enhance the efficiency of the cash cycle.

Future of Cash - August 30, 2022 midnight

Lessons from Incentives Encouraging Digital Payments

The World Bank’s Financial Inclusion Global Initiative (FIGI) has issued a paper investigating Incentives for Electronic Payment Acceptance (EPA). The report was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Data Analytics - August 1, 2022 12:01 a.m.

Why Cash Automation Makes Sense

Diebold Nixdorf recently presented a webinar on the benefits and logic of cash automation and how to do cash recycling well.

Cash Management - August 1, 2022 12:01 a.m.

ESG: In Need of a Clean Up

The Economist magazine issued a special report on Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) in its 23 July 2022 edition. It describes ESG as having had a ‘negligible impact on carbon emissions’.

Free - August 1, 2022 midnight

CBDC Updates

Taiwan has said that it has completed trials of its prototype retail CBDC in technical simulations. This was concluded three months early. Electronic payments have risen from 40% in 2017 to 60% in the first quarter of 2022.

Digital CN - August 1, 2022 midnight

New Report on The Importance of Cash in a Crisis

Professors Gerhard Rösl and Franz Seitz have written a paper in which they compare the handling of the 1929 depression, the 2008/9 recession, India’s demonetisation exercise and Greece’s experience in their sovereign debt crisis and financial challenges starting 2009 until today.

Staff Papers - August 1, 2022 midnight

Understanding Changes to Access to Cash in Canada

The Bank of Canada has issued a Staff Discussion Paper that focuses on the retail side of the cash distribution system examining changes in cash accessibility as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Country Profile - August 1, 2022 midnight

Conference Updates

Updates on upcoming conferences including: CBDC Conference, Future of Cash Conference, The Silk Road Conference on Cash and Payments, The Coin Conference, and the Cash & Payments Sustainability Forum.

Events - August 1, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a report on India’s payment system. Part of that report benchmarks India against 21 countries.

News - August 1, 2022 midnight

Payment News

Mobile money systems, of which M-Pesa is the best known, are evolving to the detriment of the network of agents who handle their transactions, according to a recent article in The Economist magazine.

News - August 1, 2022 midnight

Stablecoins – the Future of Money?

Schroders, a global asset management and wealth manager, has published a perspective piece, ‘Stablecoins: what they mean for the future of money’.

Digital CN - August 1, 2022 midnight

Smart Contracts – What Does the Law Say?

There is much talk of smart contracts in the National Bank of Denmark paper on payments. Whether in the context of CBDCs or other payments, they are frequently put forward as an attractive ‘prize’ worth pursuing.

News - July 4, 2022 12:01 a.m.

Access to Cash in France Good (for Now)

At the Intergraf conference the Banque de France presented on the access to cash situation in France and how it has changed since 2018. The good news is that access to cash remains good throughout France. However, there are indications of change.

Country Profile - July 4, 2022 midnight

Any Link Between Cash Holdings and Bitcoin Ownership?

The Bank of Canada (BOC) has issued a paper investigating the relationship of Bitcoin owners with cash. The paper is written in the context of understanding whether private digital currencies will make serious inroads into the use of cash, particularly for transactions.

Staff Papers - July 4, 2022 midnight