About Us

The Only Newsletter Dedicated to the Cash Cycle

Cash, Payment & CBDC News™ is published by Currency Publications Ltd (CPL), a joint venture between Reconnaissance International and Currency Research Ltd (whose portfolio also includes Currency News™ and Coin & Mint News™).

Cash, Payment & CBDC News, launched in 2018, is the only news source dedicated specifically to the cash cycle and the role of cash within the payment eco-system. As such, it provides a unique source of information on cash as a payment tool relative to the alternatives.

In terms of cash as a payment option, topics covered include payments regulation, policy and legislation; consumer payment trends, studies and research; cashless or less-cash initiatives and counter initiatives; fraud and security; central bank digital currencies; financial inclusion; and the environment and sustainability.

More specifically, Cash, Payment & CBDC News considers how cash can be optimised in circulation from the perspective of the public, banks and retailers, central bank cash departments, consumer payments providers and the industries that supply these as well as cash operation efficiencies and automation and the social benefits of cash.

In 12 information-packed issues per year, along with weekly updates, it provides expert analysis and commentary to help you plan for your future cash operations, with the important trends and developments in cash usage and alternative payments around the world.

The editor is John Winchcombe, who has worked with central banks from 1988 - when he joined De La Rue, followed by CCL Secure and then 7 Layer Solutions - to his present role as the payments expert at Reconnaissance.