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The Only Newsletter Dedicated to the Cash Cycle

Cash & Payment News™ is a unique source of information on cash and how it can be optimised in circulation from the perspective of the public, banks and retailers, central bank cash departments, consumer payments providers and the industries that supply these.

In 12 information-packed issues per year, along with weekly updates, it provides expert analysis and commentary to help you plan for your future cash operations, with the important trends and developments in cash usage and alternative payments around the world.

Cash is one payment means amongst many, albeit all of the others are using ‘bank money’ rather than ‘central bank money’. Cash needs to be considered, therefore, in that context, that it effectively ‘competes’ with the alternatives. Society uses the payment means that they trust and which works best for them in the moment. Cash & Payment News seeks to present cash in the broad payment context, focusing on how the cash cycle is evolving and what each of the stakeholders is doing. It works to provide both the story and understanding of the story. As such it should be useful for all stakeholders in the payment sector as well as the cash cycle.