Working Together to Save the Planet

The Cash & Payments Sustainability Forum™ takes place in Edinburgh 14-16 November. While COP 27 is an alternative option given that it is taking place in Egypt at the same time, the Sustainability Forum will be more useful for those working at the sharp end of the cash and payments industry.

Opening seminar: the Cash Industry Environmental Charter group

The Sustainability Forum agenda starts on the afternoon of Monday 14 November with an exploration of the UK’s Cash Industry Environmental Charter (CIEC) group. This group consists of 30 organisations across the entire UK cash cycle including ten commercial banks and the Post Office, two CIT companies, seven banknote equipment manufacturing companies, the Bank of England and the Royal Mint. All of the Note Circulation Scheme members and 16 organisations that are involved in cash management, including the UK’s biggest retailer, are taking part.

The seminar is intended to give insight into this unique example of organisations voluntarily coming together and setting specific carbon, waste and energy goals and then co-operating in a structured and systematic way to share data and initiatives and to co-operate to make the cash cycle work better.

Policy, procurement, production, people and the whole cash cycle

After an introduction to the whole sustainability subject, the main agenda will focus on six areas: 

  • Doing ESG well (Environment, Social, Governance)

  • Procurement and tenders

  • Co-operation and staff engagement 

  • Getting to Net Zero Carbon

  • Getting to Zero Waste

  • Making a difference in the cash cycle.

Each session will hear examples of best practice and from external experts. The goal is to be able to debate and learn from the experience and knowledge of others so that we can all do better in our own businesses.

The Sustainability Forum is for central banks and coin issuing authorities and every stakeholder in the cash cycle. It wants to reach the leadership level in organisations but also the practitioners and those working every day in areas generating an environmental impact. Policy and practice combined, in other words.

Call for papers

The call for papers is open and papers sharing work done to reduce the environmental impact of the cash cycle along with recommendations for external experts to speak are welcome.

In addition to the Charter group seminar, the agenda includes a number of technology companies bringing new solutions in the zero waste area.