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Lessons from Incentives Encouraging Digital Payments

The World Bank’s Financial Inclusion Global Initiative (FIGI) has issued a paper investigating Incentives for Electronic Payment Acceptance (EPA). The report was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Data Analytics - August 1, 2022 12:01 a.m.

Focus on Data

Kantar, who deals in consumer knowledge and insights, wrote an interesting piece last year about how they can help businesses make the consumer experience better with all the benefits for customer satisfaction that come from it.

Data Analytics - November 26, 2021 midnight

Trust in Money, Digital or Physical

Prof Dr Julia Pitter spoke at the recent Bundesbank cash symposium about the relationship between people and cash. According to Dr Pitter, a business psychologist at the Internationale Hochschule in Vienna, cash is more than a payment.

Cash Usage - November 19, 2021 midnight

Modelling Future Cash Transaction Volumes

In September 2020 Reconnaissance Consulting Group was asked to consider what would happen to cash at a future moment where the world economy and society had re-opened living with COVID.

Free - July 27, 2021 midnight

What Drives Consumer Payment Behaviour?

In 2019 National Westminster Bank (NatWest) commissioned independent academic research to look into the drivers of consumer payment behaviour, including consumer attitudes and intentions towards cash. The research was carried out by Professor Darren Duxbury, Dr Thanos Verousis and by David Marsh. This is a short summary of their work with the full research being published in due course.

Surveys - June 22, 2021 midnight

Cash Balance Optimization Using AI & Big Data

Garanti BBVA has developed software using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage its cash logistics. Alper Sayin, Head of Cash Planning and Operations, has written about his experience introducing this software and how they are using it.

Data Analytics - December 22, 2020 midnight