Crime Round-Up

Although a snap shot of cash related crimes taken from media reports, they are a reminder of the risks of cash related crime used to justify less cash.

Crime - March 24, 2023 midnight

Risk from Cryptocurrencies Increases

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the ProShares Bitcoin futures Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) application, the first cryptocurrency the US financial markets regulator has approved.

Crime - November 4, 2021 midnight

More Payment Vulnerability Than You Might Think

One-time passwords (OTP) are a central part of payment security. It is a concern, therefore, to read about hackers hijacking OTPs sent via SMS by Singapore banks to their customers, resulting in fraudulent credit card transaction worth S$500,000, as recently reported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Crime - November 3, 2021 midnight

Financial Crime is Not Victimless

Financial crime, particularly digital financial crime, can feel victimless. The losses are factored into the fees and charges which are passed on in higher prices and the press seldom focus on the distress and stress caused to individuals faced with criminal activity.

Crime - July 26, 2021 midnight

Challenges of Electronic Payments

In the last week there have been a number of payment related stories. What links them all is that they demonstrate that electronic payments face a range of challenges that have a direct impact on customers. The role of the regulator is evident in all of them whether requiring action or ‘guiding’ providers to take action.

News - June 22, 2021 midnight

2020, Less ATM Crime

The European Association for Secure Transactions (EAST) has issued its 2020 report on ATM crime. EAST collects data from 21 Western European countries operating about 335,000 ATMs, 223,000 unattended payment terminals and 14.5 million point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

ATMs - April 28, 2021 midnight