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New Report on The Importance of Cash in a Crisis

Professors Gerhard Rösl and Franz Seitz have written a paper in which they compare the handling of the 1929 depression, the 2008/9 recession, India’s demonetisation exercise and Greece’s experience in their sovereign debt crisis and financial challenges starting 2009 until today.

Staff Papers - August 1, 2022 midnight

Any Link Between Cash Holdings and Bitcoin Ownership?

The Bank of Canada (BOC) has issued a paper investigating the relationship of Bitcoin owners with cash. The paper is written in the context of understanding whether private digital currencies will make serious inroads into the use of cash, particularly for transactions.

Staff Papers - July 4, 2022 midnight

Will Less Cash Lead to Debt?

A website, Scitechdaily, has written about what they refer to as the ‘cashless’ effect, the increased willingness to buy things when physical cash does not change hands.

Cash Usage - July 4, 2022 midnight

Access to Cash in France Good (for Now)

At the Intergraf conference the Banque de France presented on the access to cash situation in France and how it has changed since 2018. The good news is that access to cash remains good throughout France. However, there are indications of change.

Country Profile - July 4, 2022 midnight

Resilient Cash in Canada

The Bank of Canada runs two ‘Cash Alternative Surveys’ in April and August each year of a representative sample of 2,500–3,500 Canadians. It combines this with data from its Bank Note Distribution System to monitor the use of cash.

Staff Papers - April 22, 2022 midnight

Impact of the Use of Cash on Demand for a Retail CBDC

A new IMF paper concludes that the main influence on the demand for cash, and why demand is falling, seems to lie in the demand preferences of changing population structures. If CBDCs are issued, the demand for cash may continue to fall, but the demand for card usage may fall by even more.

Digital CN - March 30, 2022 midnight

The Limitations of Sovereignty

Money has a public and a private role touch on financial obligations, authority and credit. But what happens when bank accounts, credit and debit cards and even cash are disrupted by war?

Cash Usage - March 30, 2022 midnight

The Truth Behind the Cashless Headlines

A recent post highlighted how misleading the constant stream of headlines about a cashless society is. Going cashless makes for wonderfully shocking, attention-grabbing headlines.

Cash Usage - March 4, 2022 midnight

Partial Data on Declining Cash Payments in Europe, a Ukrainian financial media organisation, posted cash usage rates for Europe in 2019 based on Statista data and then compared it with a smaller selection of countries in 2020 and then 2021.

Cash Usage - February 22, 2022 midnight