Resilient Cash in Canada

The Bank of Canada runs two ‘Cash Alternative Surveys’ in April and August each year of a representative sample of 2,500–3,500 Canadians. It combines this with data from its Bank Note Distribution System to monitor the use of cash.

Staff Papers - April 22, 2022 midnight

Cash and Payments During the Pandemic

Whilst we may all be tired of hearing about COVID-19 and its impact on just about everything to do with our everyday lives, it is important for those involved with cash and payments to examine its impact on cash and payments to date and perhaps, more importantly still, the implications for the future.

Free - November 4, 2021 midnight

BSP wins IACA Award for Cash Supply Innovation

The International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) held its Excellence in Currency awards ceremony this month, the topic of which was 'Best Currency Initiatives Implemented in Response to The Covid-19 Pandemic’.

COVID - September 27, 2021 midnight

The Power of the Assumptive Close

The Economist Intelligence Unit has issued a paper, ‘Going Digital. Payments in the Post-Covid World’. It is interesting both for what it says and how it says it.

COVID - August 27, 2021 midnight

‘Cash in Times of Turmoil’

The Bundesbank held its international cash conference in June 2021 on the topic of ‘Cash in Times of Turmoil’. The future of cash was extensively explored alongside the impact of the pandemic on cash usage and consumer behaviour.

Events - July 26, 2021 midnight

Cash Usage in Southern Europe: A Time of Change?

Outman Consulting has published a review of cash usage in Southern Europe, focusing on Italy and Spain. It surveyed 2,000 consumers in Italy and Spain in January 2021 to understand the impact on payments of the pandemic. It found that, for purchases under €10, the preference for using cash had declined from 78% to about 48%. Why and will the change stick?

Cash Usage - April 28, 2021 midnight