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Does France Love Cash?

The International Mint Industry Association (IMIA) issued a brief making the case for cash and for freedom of choice at its launch this month.

Country Profile - February 23, 2023 12:01 a.m.

Sweden Future Proofs Payments

Sveriges Riksbank has issued its 2022 Payments Report into the retail payments market. The report underlines the wide-ranging activities of the Riksbank to support the needs of all sectors of society when it comes to payment.

Country Profile - January 31, 2023 midnight

European Round Up

Italy is looking at possible compensatory measures to help retailers pay card fees following its change of heart on reducing cash limits.

Country Profile - January 31, 2023 midnight

How Ukraine is Managing Cash in a War

The National Bank of Ukraine has maintained the supply of cash and cash circulation to over 1,500 bank branches and more than 3,800 ATMs across the country since Russia invaded in February 2022. The Deputy Governor, Oleksii Shaban, has shared their experience.

Country Profile - December 21, 2022 midnight

Spain’s Pro-Cash Platform Makes a Difference

Denaria Platform is a Spanish association established to support payment choice through the maintenance of cash. It is working to ensure society is aware just how important cash is both economically and for financial and social inclusion.

Country Profile - November 4, 2022 midnight

Payment Changes Become Law in Fiji

Fijians stand to benefit from important regulatory changes that will make everyday bank transactions easier, helping boost financial inclusion while supporting financial stability and economic activity, says the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

Country Profile - October 3, 2022 midnight