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UK Moves to Sustain Cash

The UK is facing significant pressure on its cash infrastructure, sufficient to put access to cash on the political agenda. 2021 draws to a close with a major announcement that some of the largest UK banks will create a network of shared banking hubs to maintain cash facilities for communities where cash services have ended.

Bank Branch - December 21, 2021 midnight

Six Payment Megatrends Identified in South Africa

BankServ Africa builds and operates essential payment infrastructure in South Africa and 20 other countries. It operates as a utility with a mutual ownership structure of Nedbank, Absa Bank, the Standard Bank of South Africa and FirstRand Investment Holdings.

Country Profile - December 21, 2021 midnight

Post Offices and the Unbanked in the US

Post offices are often proposed as a solution to providing access to cash. The US Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives have argued that this is to fundamentally misunderstand the case of the unbanked.

Country Profile - December 21, 2021 midnight

Cash & Payment Trends from Turkish Perspective

Turkey has a high rate of inflation and household demand for cash has been increasing steadily over the past ten years. The impact of the pandemic was, initially, a decrease in demand because of the shutdowns but, after vaccinations were introduced, demand recovered very quickly.

Country Profile - November 26, 2021 midnight

Impact of India’s Demonetisation on Output, Welfare and the Shadow Economy

On 8 November 2016 it was announced that from midnight that night the two top denominations in India would no longer be legal tender. These two denominations represented 86% of the cash in circulation. A discussion paper from Monash Business School reviews findings from new modelling of that event that investigated the impact of that action on aggregate output, welfare and the size of the shadow economy in India.

Country Profile - November 26, 2021 midnight

DNB’s McKinsey Study Lays Out the Future of Cash

The Dutch National Bank (DNB) spoke at the recent ICCOS seminar about the McKinsey study commissioned to consider the cash infrastructure the Netherlands will need for the next 10 years. With cash transactions having recovered to 20% of transactions, down from 32% pre-pandemic, the Netherlands is preparing for a less cash society.

Future of Cash - November 13, 2021 midnight

El Salvador and Bitcoin: Legal Tender or Compulsory Tender?

David Birch, the author, adviser and investor in digital financial services, has recently posted an article on Linkedin, ‘Why would anyone think it is a good idea?’. There is the argument is that shop keepers could always have accepted Bitcoin, but now they have to.

Country Profile - September 22, 2021 midnight

Country Profile: Rwanda

Rwanda is a relatively small land-locked African country in the Great Rift Valley bordering Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is the most densely populated mainland African country with a young, mainly rural population numbering 12.6 million.

Country Profile - August 27, 2021 midnight