New Cash Recycling and Recirculation White Paper and Workshop

The first afternoon of the second Cash Sustainability Forum (CSF), which takes place in Frankfurt from 24-26 June this year, will be a workshop dedicated to the recycling and recirculation of cash. It will build on a white paper currently being researched and prepared, and for which input is still very welcome.

Events - March 26, 2024 midnight

Exploring the Role of AI in the Central Banking Domain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) roared into the public consciousness in 2023. Its widespread use and, more importantly, its potential have become visible to all, not just the small specialist user community that has been working on it for years. Clearly, AI is of great interest to central banks from the policy makers through the cash issue department.

Free - November 28, 2023 midnight

Framing the Narrative for the Future of Cash

The Future of Cash conference typically attracts some 120 participants from central and commercial banks, CIT and cash management companies, academics and other cash cycle stakeholders. The 2023 event takes place 6-8 November in Istanbul.

Events - September 26, 2023 midnight

Upcoming Event Summary

Asia Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) The seminar takes place 11-13 September in Bangkok, co-hosted by the Bank of Thailand. It starts with a summit for central banks.

Events - August 30, 2023 midnight

CBDC Conference: from Niche to Mainstream

CBDCs started to become visible in published papers and discussions around 2016. No doubt there was much material before then but the acceleration of interest and activity has taken CBDCs from a niche to main stream media discussions.

Free - August 25, 2023 midnight

Designing the Cash Cycle of the Future

The 2023 Future of Cash Conference takes place 6-8 November in Istanbul and will bring together all stakeholders of the cash community – central banks, financial institutions, retailers, cash management companies, technology providers and suppliers – to discuss new strategies to design the cash cycle of the future.

Events - May 12, 2023 midnight