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Three Views on the Future of Cash

The Silk Road Cash & Payments conference, which took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan at the end of March, included a session looking at the future of cash, with presentations from the Bank of Israel, the Bundesbank and European Savings and Retail Banking Group (ESRB).

Future of Cash - May 12, 2023 midnight

Bank of England Describes Future Payments

Sir Jon Cunliffe, Deputy Director Financial Stability at the Bank of England, has spoken about innovation in payments and money, focusing on the impact and opportunities offered by tokenisation, including the future of cash.

Central Banks - April 24, 2023 12:01 a.m.

Bringing Futures Literacy to the Future of Money

Cash Essentials has issued a report, ‘The Role of Cash in the Future Monetary Landscape’. Based on a Futures Literacy Lab hosted by Cash Essentials in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair for the Future of Finance at Ecole des Ponts Business School, in September 2022. The paper lays out how a Futures Literacy Lab works and seeks to understand the future of money.

Future of Cash - March 27, 2023 midnight

Safeguarding Cash: ICA Recommendations to Central Banks

The International Currency Association (ICA), representing the global currency sector, has published a Cash Policy White Paper, available on its website www.currencyassociation.org, which is summarised here. It wants policy makers to recognise that the benefits of cash to society may be lost without practical steps to protect the supply and acceptance of cash in society and promote its further development.

Future of Cash - March 27, 2023 midnight

WBS Lays Out a New Cash Future

The 2023 World Banknote Summit (WBS) took place in Antwerp and was structured around three key areas – the performance of cash in a crisis, the sustainability of cash and the future outlook of cash.

Events - March 24, 2023 12:01 a.m.

‘Hard Law’ Needed to Safeguard Euro Cash

The International Mint Industry Association has published a position paper (2023/01) urging the European Commission to give legal certainty on the implications of the legal tender status of euro banknotes and coins in terms of mandatory acceptance and to enshrine it in secondary law.

Future of Cash - February 23, 2023 midnight

Individual Logic, Collective Idiocy? 3 Perspectives on the Need for Cash

Commercial banks are profit-seeking entities. Cost reduction to maximise profits and automation are core to achieving that. Bank branches and ATMs are expensive, hence the drive to close so many of them and, in the process, the ability to deposit and issue cash goes too. Merchants and the public are pushed towards going cashless, or at the very least, less-cash.

Future of Cash - February 23, 2023 midnight

Reflections on Cash

An article by Tristan Dissaux - ‘The Social Role of Money in an Age of Digitalisation' - pulls together much of the debate and thinking around the payment tension created by digitisation. As we end 2022, it is a good time to reflect on this.

Future of Cash - December 21, 2022 midnight

Thinking CashTech for the Future of Cash

CashTech gathers companies which leverage software and communications technology to provide improved cash services as well as to enhance the efficiency of the cash cycle.

Future of Cash - August 30, 2022 midnight