The Importance of Being Human

There is a belief that banking can become purely digital. During the pandemic cash usage fell and we couldn’t visit bank branches. Banks were quick to close ATMs and branches, justifying this as customer choice.

Editorial - June 8, 2022 midnight

Cloud Money – Cash, Cards, Crypto and the War for our Wallets

Brett Scott’s new book has just been published. It reads easily, flowing along at a great pace. The book lays out with wonderful clarity what money is, how every type of ‘money’ has become what it is from cash to CBDCs, with every variant in between, and how the financial system works and interconnects.

Editorial - June 8, 2022 midnight

Financial Inclusion and Access to Cash

In countries where less cash is already underway, there is an underlying assumption that it is only a matter of time before cash will reach a tipping point that makes digital payments a requirement. The unstated assumption is that cash will end, and that digital is the future. There is an urgency, therefore, to make digital payments work.

Free - February 22, 2022 midnight

Book Review: Shades of Sovereignty

For the first time in two centuries, since the establishment of central banks began, the definition of money is being reviewed. In that context Paul Wilson’s book – ‘Shades of Sovereignty: Money and the Making of the State’ – is a useful read.

Editorial - February 22, 2022 midnight

2021: A Year in Review

12 editions of Cash & Payment News™, 12 weeks of Digital Currency News™. What have we learnt? What has changed?

Free - December 21, 2021 midnight

Where to Start Faced with Populist Journalism

The Economist’s 1843 magazine recently published an article, ‘The Mystery of the Missing £50 Billion’. It tells the story of a young lady caught at Heathrow with five suitcases containing nearly £2 million in banknotes.

Editorial - November 4, 2021 midnight

CBDCs and Privacy

Whether CBDCs are designed as token- or account-based, regulations such as those governing money laundering and the funding of terrorism mean total anonymity/privacy is not possible. Given that while privacy is highly valued in principle, the public take little to no action to safeguard their privacy in practice, is it so important?

Digital CN - November 4, 2021 midnight

12 Months an Editor - the Only Certainty is Change

This is a reflection on 12 months as Editor of Cash & Payment News™ (CPN), writing about the payment environment and the role of cash. With the impact of the pandemic providing the backdrop, a number of themes are evident.

Editorial - July 26, 2021 midnight

Why Do Central Banks Need CBDCs?

Ralph Wintergerst, CEO of the G+D Group, has recently written an article published in the International Banker magazine. The article’s title is ‘Britain needs a digital central bank currency’, but in fact the article is an explanation of why any central bank needs a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

CBDC - June 22, 2021 midnight

What is Programmable Money?

The term ‘programmable money’ is increasingly bandied about in articles, but what is it? It is largely considered in the context of B2B transactions. Perhaps a few simplistic examples of how it might work best illustrate why it is becoming a ‘thing’.

Editorial - May 19, 2021 midnight