An ABC of AI

Leon Schumacher, from Digital Ekho, gave the opening talk at the AI & CB (Artificial Intelligence and Central Bank) online conference in December. For those new to AI, it provided a fast overview of what AI is and some of the issues connected to it.

AI - January 25, 2024 midnight

Exploring the Role of AI in the Central Banking Domain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) roared into the public consciousness in 2023. Its widespread use and, more importantly, its potential have become visible to all, not just the small specialist user community that has been working on it for years. Clearly, AI is of great interest to central banks from the policy makers through the cash issue department.

Free - November 28, 2023 midnight

Regulatory Challenges of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, ‘big data’ and ChatGPT have now reached the public consciousness in a big way, hence headlines such as ‘Central Bank of Ireland blocks ChatGPT for staff as financial services firms grapple with AI’ and ‘China’s Central Bank Warns Against ChatGPT ‘Data Leaks’.

AI - July 31, 2023 midnight

The Metaverse: a New Frontier Needing Exploration

The media rejoices in either claiming the metaverse is dead in the water or that it is booming. Wherever it falls, payments are made in the metaverse, it is a global marketplace and there is the opportunity to do things differently.

Cash Usage - June 30, 2023 midnight